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Spa Massages- Round-Trip Shuttle Transportation to Strawberry Hot Springs

For ages 18+ • 5.5 hours

Adult Ages 18+

Sweet Pea Tours provides round-trip transportation for Strawberry Hot Springs guests who would like to get a massage during their time at the Springs. Massages must be booked directly with the Hot Springs. We run on a schedule, so guests must fit their massage and soak into our schedule as we cannot create customized itineraries.


1) Fit your massage and soak into the regular round-trip schedule. Depending on the time of day, guests are either at the Springs for 1 hr and 45 mins or 2 hrs. This is a great option if you have a 30-minute massage or do not desire to soak for a lengthy period before/after your massage.

If you choose this option, return to our website and select “Strawberry Hot Springs Admission and Shuttle.” and select a departure time that will accommodate your massage time. Note: When booking, the time listed is the departure time from Steamboat. Your massage should not be scheduled for 45 minutes after the departure time to allow you to arrive at the Spa.

2) Arrive at the Hot Springs on one shuttle and return on the following shuttle. Depending on the time of day chosen, guests booking this option will be at the Springs for 3.5 hours or 4 hours. This is the best option if you have a 1+ hour massage and/or would like a lot of time to soak in the Hot Springs. Please note: The Hot Springs does not have a lodge or restaurant. If you choose this option, please continue to the calendar to select the date/time that will accommodate your massage schedule.

Time at Hot Springs

Option 1- Approx 1 hr 45 mins/2 hrs
Option 2- Approx 3.5 hrs/4 hours